Leo Betelges

Leo has this tendency to howl instead of bark. When he’s sad and wants attention, instead of barking like most the other dogs he starts to howl. Maybe he does this because he knows that all the other dogs will join in. It only takes a couple seconds to have the whole room howling once he starts. He’s a funny guy. Also when it’s time to come back inside, he’d much rather stay out in the cold than come in and so he’ll stand out there with his head down looking afflicted till you come and get him.

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It’s all in the intent, and the perspective.

The other day I received and email that at first had me quite unsettled. I have had enough of these in my life to boil my blood, but for some reason I restrained myself. I want to share the interchange because there is a lot to be learned from it. Here is what I received:

From: George Washington [mailto:lovemycountryah@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 9:38 PM
To: webmaster@familydobes.com
Subject: RE Doberman Puppies

I have read your contract and need to let you know that you can not legaly enforce any of it. If I buy a dog I can legally breed it as much as I want and with whatever bitch I want. It is breeders like you that are making it impossibe to have a pet that can be loved and cherished. Only upper income people can afford your over priced dogs. Breeds that sell designer breeds for hundreds, you know what I mean MUTTS. You overcharge and thn want the owner to breed for you free, pay all the mdical expenses for the dog you want, and threaten them if they don’t follow your impossible to follow rules. You winn Big Time and everyone else loses mostly the dogs

*** HOLES!!!! (Omission on the vulgarity mine not the writers)

Here is what stands out to me. First our contract is legally binding and I could secure a judgement from a Utah court on any claim filed for any activity outside the boundaries of our contract. Of course collecting judgments may be a different matter, but contracts are legally enforceable.  Secondly this particular writer seems to have a problem with our stipulation that dogs are not bred before they have their health testing done, and reach a performance goal. Here we see the intentions of Mr George Washington. Sure he would be physically able to breed the dog to any dog of his choosing (The contract can still call in the penalty) but none of the offspring could be registered. It is funny that the writer goes on to assert breeders like myself (that want to health test and prove dogs before breeding them) make it impossible for people to have pets. How do those dots connect? We do help people have pet dogs, what we don’t do is help people set up a puppy mill and breed untested unproven dogs at any age without discretion. Interesting turn… Rest assured those who have our puppies do love and cherish them, they are more than pets to most of them, they are family. It is true that our dogs are not affordable to some people, though people from all walks of life have our dogs, some save and sacrifice for a long time to realize their dream. I have also seen over the years though that people take care of things based on their value. My 10 year old van doesn’t get a hand wash and wax every week, but I imagine if I had a Bentley it would. If someone pays $100 for a puppy, it does not get the same Vet care as a puppy that someone has paid $2500 for. It is a matter of value. So yes the pricing of our puppies helps encourage more fiscally responsible and dedicated homes, and in the end that is better for the dogs as well. Then the email just gets weird after that. Our rules are not at all impossible to follow, and we don’t want anyone to breed for us, not for free or otherwise. I have taken 20 years to get to this point I want to be in control of the outcome of my breeding program. There are a few shall we say “Kennels” that do a different program, they even go as far as offering you a free female dog as long as you return a litter of healthy puppies to them for them to sell. We are not interested in such arrangements at all, there is much more that goes into whelping and rearing puppies than just offering someone a dog to have them do the work. This is what we do, and we are very good at it. Of course we don’t threaten anyone, and I don’t see how people or dogs lose with our program. Instead of losing my temper, I simply replied:

Thank you for your perspective sorry you do not value the way we do our program.

To which I received on more reply:

From: George Washington [mailto:lovemycountryah@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 12:08 AM
To: Steve Parsons
Subject: Re: RE Doberman Puppies

Sorry you really don’t offer value just greed. I hope if you have kids you allow them to breed with whoever they want, or do you charge for that to

To which we conclude this person is just a very disturbed angry person that suffers with spelling grammar and punctuation.  Yes I do have children, no I do not allow them to breed, nor do I charge for them to breed, that would be considered prostitution. Like a good parent I hope my children will become older and mature before making those decisions (they are 3-13) and I hope I will be able to guide them in selecting a good partner to spend their life with before deciding to create additional life.

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My Favorite Doberman puppy Age

Romantica’s litter is at that fun age where the puppies are finally getting pretty coordinated, personalities are being flushed out, and the pecking order is being established. When the kennel door is opened, they are just starting to realize there’s a world outside. Blue stripe and red rush the door, while the rest will timidly sniff around by the opening before taking a few steps out. Soon they will all be rushing the door to see who can be the first one out.


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Remember how we have been told not to believe everything we read?

I had a voice mail from a caller in Pennsylvania the other day and it took me a day to get back to the caller because of all we had going on here. What I found devastated me. In the time it took me to get back to them, they had googled every search term they could associated with my name (steve Parsons) and the kennel name (familydobes). They found some things out there that made their reply when I called them back simply “We read a lot of things about you and would never be interested in your puppies!” I have heard that often before and I roll my eyes and suck it up and realize some people in the name of “doing research” never really do any real research at all. Some people are more open minded, mature and persistent and want to make up their own minds despite what is out there in this World Wide Web. Those people make an effort to contact people who really have done business with us, and really do have our dogs. Some come and meet us and the dogs to make up their minds, which is of course the best thing to do. As long as there are people trying hard in the world there will be others trying hard to stop them. If you are looking for your next Doberman puppy, before you make up your mind, meet Stephen Parsons and the Dobermans from Family Dobes before deciding which Dobermans are best for you. Here you can contact other people who have chosen to get their amazing Dobermans from familydobes.


You will be glad you did your homework when you choose to get your outstanding European Doberman from FamilyDobes.

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The race isn’t Run

My race is far from over, but someone emailed these tips to me, and it is how I really feel about what I do.

Zuckerberg’s Tips for Success

Facebook’s initial public offering has focused yet another spotlight on the social networking site and on Mark Zuckerberg, its iconic leader. But beyond the hoopla surrounding the IPO, there’s another, quieter story to be found in the wunderkind CEO: The lessons about life, personal finance and career that can be gleaned from his choices.



1.  Believe in Yourself


It may sound trite, but it’s old-fashioned positive thinking that propelled an idea hatched in a college dorm room into arguably the most influential business of the 21st century.

“Zuckerberg had an extraordinary conviction that he could make his dreams become a reality,” Kirkpatrick says. “It is impossible to underestimate the degree to which that is central to his success. He always knew he’d make a massive [impact] on society.”

And contrary to public perceptions heavily influenced by the movie The Social Network, Zuckerberg isn’t arrogant, Kirkpatrick says — he’s just “incredibly confident.”

2. Just Get It Done — Even If It Isn’t Perfect

The goal of perfection “is the kiss of death for so many projects,” Kirkpatrick says.

By contrast, Zuckerberg operates by the conviction that it’s better to be decisive than right. “He doesn’t let failure get him down.”

Mistakes are bound to get made, and that’s OK with Zuckerberg. He figures he can always tweak things later.

Zuckerberg himself discussed this philosophy — what he calls “The Hacker Way” — in a letter to prospective investors that was part of Facebook’s IPO filing. “Hackers try to build the best services over the long term by quickly releasing and learning from smaller iterations rather than trying to get everything right all at once,” he wrote. He is so committed to this philosophy that he had it painted on Facebook’s walls: “Done is better than perfect.”

3. Stick to Your Vision and Tune Out the Naysayers

Time and time again, “Zuckerberg has been in positions when everyone around him was saying he would fail and that he was overreaching,” Kirkpatrick says.

He always had a vision that the site would be more than just a social network for college students, even when “the adults” in the company poo-poohed his ambitions.

That conviction was tested in 2006 when Yahoo offered $1 billion for the site. “Zuckerberg turned it down so that Facebook could achieve its ultimate purpose,” Kirkpatrick says.

Today the site, which ended up reshaping social interaction worldwide, boasts more than 800 million active users, and its IPO values the company somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 billion.

4. Loyalty Breeds Success

Mark Zuckerberg is fiercely loyal, according to Kirkpatrick. If that idea raises eyebrows, it shouldn’t, he says, reiterating that the cold and socially-insensitive characterization of Zuckerberg in The Social Network is pure fiction.

“He puts a high priority on the quality of the relationships he has with people. He believes in human relationships, which is what led him to create Facebook in the first place.”

Zuckerberg also gets that “helping other people actualize their desires and hopes is central to how the world turns” — and is integral to a successful venture, Kirkpatrick said.

5. Live Below Your Means

Zuckerberg does not live large. It was only last year that the billionaire moved out of a small, rented apartment into a home he bought near Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

“He’s never been extravagant,” Kirkpatrick says. “He’s not extravagant in his consumption, and he’ll end up giving away all of his money. He’s not a consumer.”

6. Follow Your Passion — Not the Money

It’s not coincidental that some of the most successful people in life, from Warren Buffet to Steve Jobs, were never motivated by the prospect of riches, and Zuckerberg is no exception, Kirkpatrick says.

“Follow your happiness,” he says. Even if you don’t end up making a fortune, you’ll be doing what you love.

Zuckerberg is happiest when he’s writing code and finding new ways to help people connect with each other. Facebook was built to “accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected,” Zuckerberg wrote in the letter to potential investors.

Financial success may flow from following your bliss. But for Zuckerberg, Kirkpatrick insists, “it’s not about the money. If he had done it for the money, he would have sold it years ago.”

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Big Hearts with wet noses

Saving Lives or Just a Big Heart

Grissom is a very brilliant dog. He has natural instincts that has become him, reason why I say this is because my Mother has a sleep apnea. Therefore she must sleep with a CPAP. Once while I was at work the power went out at my own home and so her CPAP stopped working and Grissom noticed that my Mother stopped breathing. He automatically jumped up on her bed to wake her up, he didn’t even hesitate he just went for it. Do I say she is lucky yes because with the lack of oxygen she could have become a vegetable or worse. As for Grissom he is something unexplainable, he is brilliant, yet he is a furry creature with a bigger heart than some humans. He stepped up to the plate and played the role that life gave him and in return he felt more emotion than he could have ever expected.



Little miss Ava is something else, as an employee for Family Dobes we rarely have the option in bonding with the entire litter, yes we find ones that we love and miss when they find their forever homes but never do we get to actually bond with the entire litter. For us this is something new and to be able to have the chance opens our eyes to how it feels. Ava may be the only Coco pup at the moment but she is everything that we expected her to be and so much more. She is feisty, loving and just plain adorable, there is nothing about her that you cannot help but love!


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You don’t find what you don’t look for

Ruby and I have never really been close. I mean we work with each other, and I say hi and pet her, but I’ve never felt that closeness with her. But strangely over these last couple nights I think we’ve bonded a lot more. Maybe it’s because I’m spending lots of time with her now. Sitting with her and her puppies for hours. She really is a sweet dog, guess I’ve never really noticed before.

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clumsy Dobermans

I love to look in the kennels at all the moms, and see their babies spread out everywhere. They’re just learning to walk so they just go all over the place. It’s funny to watch them stumble around all clumsily finding every spot they can to squeeze into. a lot of the times I find them laying on their moms faces.


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Soul Searching

Soul Searching


You can always read a dog through their eyes, as long as you pay attention to what they are trying to give you, you will just always be able to tell. With the dogs at Family Dobes you can get lost in their eyes as if you are trying to look for something deeper than reality. Its a beautiful thing to be able to see through them and see a deeper side to their hearts, all you have to do is look and you will see it and feel blessed by it.



Will you take me with you..


Grissom has so much energy lately all he wants is your attention or even just a minute of play time with you or another dog such as his favorite outdoor friend Priss! Today his thoughts were “please will you take me out with you while you pick up outside please, I promise to be good for the rest of the day!” It breaks you heart to say no to them when you have to make the outside picking up fast so that you can hurry a get back inside to help take care of the precious little ones :)


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Coco’s baby

Ava is so cute. I can’t get over how adorable she is. Last night I heard these sad sounds coming from her kennel, so I got up to check on her. She was leaning against her mom crying, so I came in, and sat on the floor. Right away she ran over on wobbly legs and got in my lap to cuddle with me, and to maul my fingers. She’s defiantly a snuggler, always wanting attention. I’d love nothing more than to just play with her all night. I can’t believe how big she’s gotten already!

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